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Here Are Some Great Things People Are Saying

YESSSSSS…we made it home on Friday night.  I waited around until 11:30 for that Continental flight to go. Nothing was flying here on Sat.  Had I not switched to Continental, I would have been stuck in Charlotte for two days without my luggage.  As it was, my luggage did not show up until Sunday afternoon, but I didn’t care, I had my own bed and jammies!

If anyone ever asks you why they should use a travel agent instead of booking online, just have them call me.  You’ve saved me twice now!  Thank you so much.



Just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed our trip to Ireland.  Thanks so much for making the reservations, and planning our itinerary.  It was a wonderful vacation, and we look forward to going back.

Nancy Wilson


Hi Vicki,

Got back last night from the Bahamas and had a really nice time.  We wanted to say "Thanks" for coordinating this trip on relatively short notice!

Kind regards,



My name is Jackie from the Double Cross group and I have been doing both personal and group vacations with your agency for over 7 years.  The value of service my group and I have received from Tenenbaum’s Travel especially agents Joanne, Mary Jo, Vicki and Paula has been exemplary.  They go above and beyond the call of duty to insure that our vacation is a memorable one.

They have provided me with the greatest deals that are available and they help me to make my group cruises “outstanding” with proven success.  Our group cruises yearly with Tenenbaum’s Travel and with each passing year more and more people are hearing about our “Fun Time Cruises with Double Cross”.  We started small and have grown to 175+.  Our success is generated from friend to friend, family to family due to the 100% quality of satisfaction we have experienced due to the efforts of you and your staff which has been courteous, professional and personal.  Their ability to handle all the details and accommodations needed by each individual person of a major group such as ours can only be “Successful” because of the dedication and hard work your travel agency has shown.

I look forward to a continuing relationship that will benefit myself, my group and your staff at Tenenbaum’s Travel.  Together our future cruises will help generate memories to last a lifetime.

KUDO’S to you and your staff at Tenenbaum’s Travel for the continued dedication and outstanding service you provide to each and every one of your customers.  With no hesitation, I hold your Travel Agency in the highest regards!

Thank you and your staff so much for making our vacation “worry free” each and every time.


Recently, with some family and friends, I embarked on a special retirement cruise to Europe.  Of course, I called my travel agent Joanne Schall at Tenenbaum’s Travel, as I know from past experience, the good feeling of having them manage a trip from A to Z.  I had never been abroad, so I didn’t have a passport.  Joanne walked me through that process and made it completely painless. What I did not realize is how crucial they are when things go awry. The day before our departure, Air France went on strike.  Joanne got the news early and immediately made arrangements for us to fly on an alternate airline.  Her expertise gave us the assurance that all would be well – and it was.   Believe me when I  say  that not every Air France Traveler had such a positive outcome.

During the trip, when my daughter was robbed of her purse, hers was the first number we called for advise on how to proceed.  With every detail, her experience was evident.  From the subtelties of the ship, to the customs of the regions we toured, she provided invaluable insight and information that resulted in the trip of a lifetime.  Tenenbaum’s!  I don’t leave home without them!


New Jersey

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